About Us

Who We Are

Luminous Insights is a digital publisher based in the USA and managed by a global team. We intend to communicate a positive change driven by a passion for collaboration with international universities and business schools to share knowledge. We publish articles that boost significant differences by academics and researchers who collaborate over multi-disciplines in social science; and address societal, technological challenges, business, and people. A distinguished team in management and leadership administers our associated journals and possesses substantial experience in publishing. By publishing open access in our journals, a global audience of academics, researchers, students, and professionals can obtain knowledge and contribute to the aspired change, as they can transform theory into action.

Luminous Insights confirms its commitment to influence through research and products. Through our platform, you can see the real impact of your research in the real world.

Luminous Insights philosophy believes in publishing research that makes a difference in the real world. Further, Supporting the business and technology community, achieving sustainable economic growth, taking into account the achievement of sustainability in economic and technological activities, and responding to the challenges of the global environment, and finally, supporting people equality and consideration, and the needs of vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized groups and human rights.

Luminous Insights journals embrace multidisciplinary research papers, case studies, theoretical and empirical research that gives you a full and proper opportunity to choose the publications that satisfy and suit your interest. You can review our research abstracts, publication ethics, copyright, and publishing permissions before submitting your manuscript. You will obtain adequate support when you are ready for submitting. Likewise, to decide which journal you aspire to publish in through Active Call for Paper. Luminous Insights wants to work with you to make a real impact.