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Social media marketing activities and brand loyalty in the telecommunication industry: The mediating role of brand affect.

Tamer Sharawneh

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The effect of social media marketing activities on brand loyalty has gotten little attention in the telecommunication industry. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of social media marketing activities on brand loyalty as well as to examining the mediating effect of brand affect in the relationship between social media marketing activities and brand loyalty. By using an online self-administrated questionnaire to obtain 409 customers of a telecommunication company in Palestine, the finding of this study revealed that social media marketing activities positively effect brand loyalty. Further, brand affect has been found as a partial mediator in the relationship between social media marketing activities and brand loyalty. Accordingly, theoretical and practical implications as well as recommendations for future studies have been provided.


social media marketing activities, brand loyalty, brand affect, telecommunication industry
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Sharawneh, T. (2020). Social media marketing activities and brand loyalty in the telecommunication industry: The mediating role of brand affect. Journal of Innovations in Digital Marketing, 1(1), 1–10. https://doi.org/10.51300/jidm-2020-11

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Tamer Sharawneh, Faculty of business and economic, Department of marketing, Girne American University, Kyrenia, North Cyprus, Via Mersin 10, Turkey.





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