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Editorial Policies

Conference organizers play a crucial role in ensuring the timely publication of conference papers that meet rigorous scientific standards. As part of their editorial responsibilities, conference organizers are tasked with:


Ensuring High Scientific Quality: Conference organizers must carefully review all submitted papers to ensure that they meet the highest standards of scientific quality. This includes evaluating the significance, novelty, and methodology of the research presented in the papers. Organizers should also verify that the papers adhere to the conference's scope and guidelines, and are free from any potential ethical or legal issues.

Implementing Ethical and Transparent Peer Review: Conference organizers are responsible for establishing and maintaining a robust and transparent peer review system for the selection of manuscripts. This includes ensuring that the peer review process is fair, unbiased, and conducted by qualified experts in the field. The confidentiality and integrity of the peer review process must be maintained at all times to ensure the credibility and reliability of the conference papers.

Providing Guidelines and Templates: Conference organizers should provide clear guidelines and templates to potential authors to help them prepare their manuscripts. These guidelines may include information on paper formatting, citation styles, and submission requirements. Providing such guidance can help authors produce well-structured and properly formatted papers that are ready for publication.

Facilitating Manuscript Publication: Once the conference papers have been accepted, conference organizers are responsible for delivering the completed manuscript files to the designated journal for publication. This includes ensuring that all necessary copyright permissions, disclosures, and author attributions are properly documented and submitted to the journal. Organizers should also communicate with authors to ensure that any required revisions or corrections are made in a timely manner to expedite the publication process.


Conference organizers play a critical role in maintaining the quality and integrity of conference papers through their editorial responsibilities. By ensuring high scientific standards, implementing ethical peer review, providing guidelines to authors, and facilitating the publication process, organizers contribute to the overall success and impact of the conference