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Instructions for Conference Organizers

To ensure the publication of conference papers of high scientific quality in Business Research Proceedings, conference organizers are required to adhere to minimum standard criteria. These criteria are designed to uphold the reputation and standards of the publication. The following criteria must be met:


Relevance to Business Research Domain: Conference papers must fall within the general domain of business research, as outlined in the aims and scope of the publication. This includes disciplines such as management, marketing, finance, economics, accounting, and related fields.

Affiliation to Recognized Academic Institutions: Conference attendees and speakers must be affiliated with recognized academic institutions, such as universities, research institutions, or other reputable educational organizations. This helps ensure that the research presented at the conference is conducted by qualified and credible researchers.

International Representation: Conferences must have sufficient international representation in terms of speakers and attendees. This promotes diversity and inclusivity in the research community, and enhances the global perspective of the conference proceedings.

Alignment with Conference Theme: Conference papers should be aligned with the theme of the conference. This ensures that the research presented is relevant and contributes to the overall focus of the conference, and enhances the coherence and cohesion of the proceedings.

Submission of Review Reports: Conference organizers are required to submit review reports alongside conference papers and abstracts. These reports provide valuable feedback and assessment of the quality of the submitted research, and help ensure that only papers of sufficient scientific quality are considered for publication.

By adhering to these minimum standard criteria, conference organizers can ensure that the conference papers submitted to Business Research Proceedings meet the rigorous standards of scientific quality expected in the field of business research.


Benefits of Publishing Conference Proceedings in Business Research Proceedings

Open Access

The Proceedings will be published under the Creative Commons License CC BY (, ensuring open access to all. The proceeding papers and abstracts can be freely downloaded, shared, and reused, as long as proper citation is given to the original authors.


Dedicated Page for Your Conference

Our Editorial Team will curate a dedicated page for your conference, which will feature the conference description, information about the organizing committee (such as Co-chairs, Planning Committee, and Scientific Committee), accepted Proceedings Papers and abstracts, conference website, and social media channels.


Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a persistent identifier that provides a permanent link to its source when appended to in the browser's address bar. A unique DOI will be assigned to every published Proceeding Paper and Abstract.


Indexed in Academic Search Engines

Academic search engines, including Google Scholar, will crawl and index all of the published Proceeding Papers and Abstracts in BRP, making them easily discoverable and accessible to researchers and scholars around the world.


Dedicated Volume

The Proceedings will be published in a dedicated volume containing all conference papers and relevant information for easy identification.


Dedicated Production Editor

The Conference Organizers will have a dedicated production editor who is an expert in managing manuscripts after acceptance. The production editor will be responsible for communicating with authors of accepted Proceeding Papers and Abstracts, addressing any concerns related to their submission (such as missing affiliations, ORCID, citations, etc.).


Citations Tracking vie Dimensions

Our journals use Dimensions to track citations of published articles. This allows you to see which works have cited a specific Proceeding Paper or Abstract.


Full-Text HTML Publication

BRP proceedings will be available in both PDF and HTML formats for easy access and viewing. This allows readers to choose the format that best suits their needs and preferences.


Views and Download

You can track the number of views and downloads of your Proceeding Papers and Abstracts through the Business Research Proceedings platform.



Step-by-Step Publication Process

Step 1

Conference organizers must provide prior notification to Business Research Proceedings of their intention to publish with the journal before the conference begins. Business Research Proceedings reserves the right to accept or decline this request. To propose new conference proceedings, please click here.

Step 2

Upon approval of the publication request, the editorial office will request a proposal from the conference organizers. Business Research Proceedings also reserves the right to accept or decline the proposal.

Step 3

If the proposal is approved, an agreement will be signed by both parties (conference organizers and the editorial office) outlining the services and pricing.

Step 4

Conference organizers will be authorized to include the Business Research Proceedings logo on the conference announcement page of their website, indicating that the conference proceedings will be published in the journal.

Step 5

Conference organizers are responsible for the peer review process and must prepare a detailed peer review report for each paper during the conference.

Step 6

After receiving the conference papers from the organizers, Business Research Proceedings will manage the article production, proofreading, and other publication-related procedures.

Step 7

Authors will be notified promptly after the publication procedures are completed.