The Journal of Sustainable Marketing is a specialized, peer-reviewed journal that affords academics and professionals to exchange the latest developments and advances in knowledge and innovative practice of sustainable marketing. It contains best practices, literature reviews, and leading foresight thinking in the field of sustainable marketing. The journal encompasses the full range of theoretical, methodological, and substantive debates in the area of sustainable marketing. Critical views and perspectives are encouraged, as well as new ideas and approaches in relation to the theory and practice linking marketing and sustainability. Theoretical, conceptual, and empirical research that debate the economic, social, political, cultural, and organizational aspects of sustainable marketing are welcomed. Contributions can be from all disciplinary perspectives, with interdisciplinary work especially welcome. Holistic and integrative work is encouraged. All geographical areas are included in both mass and niche markets. Papers can be especially useful if they contribute new understanding and insights not just to the field of sustainable marketing but also to the wider social sciences or between the social and natural sciences. The journal's goal is to develop sound academic concepts as well as empirical data with the idea of creating value for business and society at the same time.

Key topics:

The journal includes topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Sustainable marketing
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainable communication
  • Sustainability marketing strategy
  • Eco-friendly consumptions
  • Corporate citizenship behavior
  • Globalization and sustainability
  • Green Marketing
  • Social marketing theory development
  • Religiosity, idealism, and ethical production and consumption
  • Digitalization and sustainable marketing
  • Sustainable development